Friday, October 04, 2019

Addendum - Another Suggestion for Our Mystery Statue

Thank you to all those who offered their ideas regarding the identity of the person portrayed in the statue which I mentioned in a post on Tuesday; you can see the comments from readers on the original post.

Most people opted for a Polish Jesuit, and they may be correct. One reader wrote to me directly and asked to remain anonymous, but he had a different idea. He thought he may be a martyr from the Slovak Republic; here is an excerpt from his letter:
In regard to the identity of the saint, I think it is one of the Kosice Martyrs - possibly St. Istvan Pongracz. I don’t think it is Polish writing, but rather either Slovakian or Hungarian, which is where the Kosice Martyrs are venerated. The reason I think this is that the Slovakian translation is close to “follow us”- thanks Google- and this seems to be appropriate for martyrs.
He attached the following images, and for comparison I give you the original image of the statue at the bottom:

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