Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Fota XII Speakers and Papers Announced

St Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy is pleased to announce the preliminary programme of speakers and topics for the twelfth Fota International Liturgy Conference, to be held in Cork, Ireland, July 6-8, on The Ritual: de benedictionibus and the Rite of Exorcism.
  • Prof. Dieter Boehler (Germany): The Priestly Benediction in the Psalter
  • Fr. Joseph Briody (Boston): A Scriptural Reflection on the Evil Spirit and Saul in 1 Samuel
  • Fr. Sven Conrad (Germany): The Apotropaic Effect of the Sacred Liturgy
  • Matthew Hazell (England): A Historical Survey of the Reform of De Benedictionibus, 1959-1984 
  • Prof. Manfred Hauke (Switzerland): What is ‘exorcism’? A critical assessment of terminology
  • Fr. Dennis McManus (Georgtown): Three Significant Reforms in the 2004/5 Rites of Exorcism
  • Fr. Ryan Ruiz (Cincinnati): Mutual Enrichment and the De Benedictionibus: Revisiting the Scriptural Euchologies of the Usus Antiquor and Their Possible Application in the Ordinary Form Rites of Blessing
  • Daniel Van Slyke (Dallas): Exorcism Rites of the Past and Present: Similarities and Differences
  • Fr. Anthony Ward (Rome): Aspects of the Psalm Prayers in the de Exorcismis of Pope St. John Paul II
In the video below, the Lassus Scholars, who come to Cork each year to sing the liturgies during the Fota conference, sing the Kyrie and Gloria of Mozart’s Missa brevis in C (K259) at the church of St Kevin in Dublin on Christmas Day of last year.

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