Friday, May 17, 2019

A New Liturgical Calendar Website

I recently learned of the existence of a new website, Catholic Liturgical Calendars, which I believe our readers will find very useful. The site hosts a program which generates liturgical calendars for the various forms of the Roman rite; one can also choose to add to the General Calendar the feasts of a huge number of local calendars, and those proper to a wide variety of religious orders. Thanks to the creator of the site, Mr Peter Day-Milne, for bringing it to my attention.
  • The calendar of the Ordinary Form of the Roman rite is available in English for the years 1970 to 4099, with the propers of 75 countries and 25 religious orders. The program accounts for the particular rules of the proper calendars of England, Wales and the United States, and includes details of the holy days of obligation celebrated in these countries, and also in Spain, Ireland and Scotland. 
  • The calendar of the Extraordinary Form is also available; outputs generated according to its rubrics are available from 1583, although only from 1960 will results accord precisely with the true calendar used that year. The Extraordinary Form Calendar, like the Ordinary Form one, is also available for years up to and including 4099. Regional feasts are available on the EF calendar for England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain and the United States.
  • The calendars of all three Personal Ordinariates can be accessed through the province-selecting box that appears when England, Wales, Scotland, Australia or the United States is selected as the “region”.
  • The creator of the site is also working on a version for the Byzantine Rite, although this is still in the development phase.
Here are some screen shots of what the results look like, starting with the standard view. On small screens, the list on the left will appear at the bottom of the screen instead. The box on the lower right gives the name of the current day’s celebration.

On handheld devices, it appears like this.
 A more detailed view is also available, which looks like this on larger screens.
 And finally, there is also a printable view.

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