Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Epiphany 2018 Photopost (Part 1)

Last year, the number of submissions for Epiphany was small enough to cover everything in a single post; this year, we have received twice as many, so will definitely be doing a second one, and will be glad to receive more. Once again, we manage to cover most of the feast’s many liturgical bases, especially the blessing of water, which is becoming more popular with each passing year; also the blessing of chalk, the proclamation of the movable feasts, plus the Ordinariate Use and two Pontifical Masses, one in traditional Roman Rite and one in the modern Ambrosian Rite. (The Byzantine Rite will appear in the second part.) As always, our thanks to all those who sent these in - Evangelize through Beauty!

Regina Pacis Convent - Santa Rosa, California (Marian Sister of Santa Rosa)
starting with one of the famous and well-loved amice-tie designs, a star for the Epiphany.

Mater Ecclesiae - Berlin, New Jersey

All Saints - Minneapolis, Minnesota (FSSP)
Pontifical Mass celebrated by His Excellency Andrew Cozzens, Auxiliary St Paul and Minneapolis

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary - Milan, Italy
Pontifical Mass in the Ambrosian Rite celebrated by His Excellency Mario Delpini, Archbishop of Milan

The first of the three Scriptural readings sung by a reader in a cope. 
The Gospel sung from the great pulpit on the left side of the main sanctuary.

Santissima Trinità - Pordenone, Italy

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart - Cebu City, Philippine Islands
Chalk to be blessed!
Genuflecting during the Gospel at the words “and falling down they adored Him.”

Pontifical Shrine of Our Lady of Mt Carmel - New York City

St Mary - Kalamazoo, Michigan
The Proclamation of the Movable Feasts

Old St Patrick’s Oratory - Kansas City, Missouri (ICK)

The blessing of chalk
Bl. John Henry Newman Parish - Irvine, California
Sung Mass in the Ordinariate Use

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