Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bishop of Salford Offers Church to Anglican Ordinariate

It was with great excitement that a reader of my blog contacted me recently, to tell me the that the Bishop of Salford, John Arnold, has very generously offered the Anglican Ordinariate a home in his diocese, which is in the north of England. I thought New Liturgical Movement readers might want to know about this too!
At the beginning of February, the Manchester Ordinariate Mission will move from a new home at St Joseph’s Heywood to St Margaret Mary, New Moston in Manchester. The site includes a church, hall and presbytery and the Bishop says in his letter that he believes it will “form a fitting base for building up the worship and other activities of the Ordinariate community.”
The main Sunday Mass will be in the Ordinariate Use, but Fr Starkie, the Ordinariate Mission Pastor, will also assume pastoral care for the diocesan Catholics of the parish and make arrangements for a Sunday Mass in the Ordinary form, and their other sacramental and pastoral needs.
I have no comment beyond this except to say that this is great news! I would like to offer Fr Starkie and his congregation very best wishes and my prayers as you establish yourselves in your new home!

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