Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Photos of the Canonization of St Joan of Arc

Earlier today, a Facebook page dedicated to St Joan of Arc posted these photographs taken during the ceremony of her canonization, which took place 97 years ago, May 16, 1920, the Sunday after Ascension of that year. In splendoribus Sanctorum...

Pope Benedict XV is carried down from the Sistine Chapel to St Peter’s Basilica on the sedes gestatoria.
Reading the act of canonization.
Mass at the high altar of St Peter’s.
A beautiful shot of the decorations set up in the basilica for major Papal events.
According to the caption, this is an ‘audience’ of the Pope with the French pilgrims; I don’t know if this was done after the Mass or at some other point.
 Benediction at the altar of the cathedra.

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