Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Resurrection Concert Series of Ukrainian Sacred Music

This April 19th-22nd, over 50 singers from Canada, the United States, and Ukraine will be presenting Resurrection: Music from the Ukrainian Sacred Choral Tradition in Toronto, Rochester, Philadelphia, and New York. This concert series will showcase the new composition for a setting of a Resurrectional Divine Liturgy by Ukrainian Catholic priest Fr. John Sembrat OSBM, including masterpieces specific to the Paschal services from renowned Ukrainian composers such as Dmytro Bortniansky, Artem Vedel, and Roman Hurko. The choir will be led by one of the leading choral directors in North America, Michael Zaugg of Pro Coro Canada. This combined male choir features fourteen members from the following renowned professional choirs in Ukraine: the Boyan Ensemble of Kyiv, the Chorus of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, the Homin Municipal Choir of Lviv and Vydubychi Church Choir of Kyiv. The 50-plus member ensemble will also include members of Edmonton’s professional ensemble Pro Coro Canada, the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of Detroit, the Axios Men’s Ensemble, and the Ukrainian Male Chorus of Edmonton.

The organizers write, “We firmly believe this music can act as a primary vehicle for evangelization, reaching people in an intimate and direct manner. This is true not merely for those who have elementary or no knowledge of the Church and its Sacred Traditions, but for those surrounded by it from birth. It is our intention that the beauty and transcendence of this music will move the faithful to greater devotion and be better disposed for the reception of the fruits of grace belonging to the celebration of the Most Holy Mysteries. It is our aim is that this music will help stimulate a renewal in Eastern sacred music; to advance the pursuit of excellence in sacred music in conformity with truth, goodness, and beauty; and, most importantly, for the glory of God, the life of His Church, and the transformation of society.”

For more information about the recording and concert series, including video and audio highlights, see the website https://www.resurrectionalliturgy.com/

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