Saturday, April 15, 2017

Holy Saturday 2017

Weep not over me, Mother, as Thou beholdest me in the tomb, Thy Son whom Thou didst conceive in the womb without seed; for I shall rise and be glorified, and as God, shall unceasingly exalt in glory them that magnify Thee in faith and love. (The ninth ode of Orthros of Holy Saturday in the Byzantine Rite.)

Tropar Having escaped sufferings at Thy strange birth, I was exceedingly blessed, eternal Son; but now, seeing Thee, my God, without breath and dead, I am terribly pierced with the sword of grief! But rise, that I may be magnified.

Tropar The earth covers me of My own will, but the gate-keepers of Hades shudder, seeing me clothed in a garment, o Mother, made bloody with vengeance; for as God, having struck My enemies upon the Cross, I will rise again and glorify Thee.

Tropar Let all creation rejoice, let all that dwell upon the earth be glad; for the enemy Hades is despoiled. Let the women come to meet Me with myrrh, for I redeem Adam with Eve and all their descent, and on the third day I shall rise.

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