Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Catching Up With the Artists in the Sacristy

Back in January, we ran a post of photos sent by Fr Jeffrey Keyes, who serves as chaplain to the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa at the Regina Pacis Convent in Santa Rosa, California. They show a nice thing which their sacristans do each morning when laying out the Mass vestments, namely, making designs out of the ties of the amice. Just a small thing, but, as Father writes on his blog, “the essence of the Sacred Liturgy is Sacred, Universal and Beautiful,” and every beautiful thing, however small (and in this case, temporary) contributes to an atmosphere of prayer and reverence. The post was extremely popular, as was the follow-up in February, and since you seem to really like them, here are several more from the last two months. The last one  was sent to Fr Keyes from a church in Missouri which picked up the idea from the sisters.

St Peter’s Chair
St Polycarp (poly = many, carp = fish... get it?) 
St Joseph
Just a regular Lenten feria
St Gabriel on March 24
A crown for the Virgin Mary on the Annunciation
ferial day of Passiontide
Friday of Passion Week - the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary
These next four are the work of a different sister, who leaves little explanatory notes as well. Holy Monday
Spy Wednesday - Crown of Thorns and Nails of the Crucifixion
A slightly Picasso-esque Agnus Dei
A face-forward view of Christ, with the second turn of the amice tie (from the top) representing His beard. “They knew him in the breaking of the bread.” This seems to have been inspired by the common representation of the Supper at Emmaus from the point of view of someone standing opposite Christ on the other side of the table.
like this one by Caravaggio
from friends in Missouri

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