Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Dominican Mass in the Philippines

Our thanks to Mr Maurice Joseph Almadrones for sharing with us these photos of a Dominican Rite Mass celebrated in Manila by our ow Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P, at Most Holy Redeemer Parish in Quezon City. This was probably the first time it was offered again in a parish setting after the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. Once again, especially in the month in which the feast of St Dominic is celebrated, it is very encouraging to note how many efforts are being made to preserve the Dominican liturgical tradition.

When the priest genuflects at the Incarnatus in the Creed, he places the edge of his chasuble on the altar as seen here.
The Dominican Offertory is rather shorter than the Roman one, and the paten and chalice are offered together.

An extra candle is lit at the Sanctus, a custom which also be observed in the Roman Mass. 

As in the majority of medieval Uses, the priest stretches his hand out in the form of Cross during the Unde et memores.

Also as in many medieval Uses, the altar servers (including the deacon and subdeacon in a Solemn Mass) often stand next to the celebrant, rather than behind him, in hierarchical order. 

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