Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Personal Note from the Editor

As I take over the position of editor of NLM, I just want to take a moment to offer some overdue words of gratitude, first of all to outgoing editor Jeffrey Tucker, and his predecessor Shawn Tribe, our founder and original editor; not just for all of the help and support I have received from them over these last several years, but also for the many years of work which they have put into this project. I also wish to thank our publisher, CMAA President William Mahrt, our editorial assistant, Ben Yanke, all of our writers, and the many people who keep the site running behind the scenes. Since the transition was announced, I have received a number of messages of congratulation and encouragement, for which I am also very grateful, but in a particular way, I wish to thank Shawn for the very kind words which published about this here on Saturday. My best wishes and prayers also go to all our readers for the keeping of a holy Advent, and a truly joyful Christmas!

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