Thursday, October 08, 2015

Solemn High Mass of Bl. Karl of Austria, Oct. 21 in Washington, D.C.

A Solemn Mass will be celebrated in honor of Blessed Karl, Emperor of Austria-Hungary (1916-19; died 1922, beatified 2004), at Old St Mary’s Church in Washington, D.C. (Chinatown), on Wednesday, October 21, at 7 p.m. (Click here for the facebook event page.)

This promises to be a very interesting musical event. Before Mass, the St. Benet’s Schola will sing the Latin verses of the hymn Tu, Christe, Nostrum Gaudium. For the Mass itself, the ensemble Musikanten will sing Philippe de Monte’s Missa Tertia Inclina cor meum for five voices, (SATTB); de Monte (1521-1603) was a Flemish composer who spent the most prolific part of his career working as music director and composer at the Habsburg court. They will also sing William Byrd’s Ave Verum and two other of his motets. The St. Mary’s Schola will sing the propers of the Mass for a Confessor not a Bishop Os justi, and the chants Sub tuum praesidium at the Offertory and Anima Christi at Communion. After the Mass, a first-class relic of Blessed Karl will be venerated, during which, the St. Mary’s and St. Benet’s Scholas will sing a variety of chants, including Vexilla Regis, Ave Maria and Ave Maris Stella.

A reception will follow the Mass at the Market-to-Market café across the street, at no cost for attendees. The hosts of this event are pleased to announce that the Princess Maria-Anna Galitzine is to attend the Mass and reception. Parking is available in a parking lot and on the street. St. Mary’s is equidistant between the Judiciary Square and Chinatown Metrorail stations off the Red Line. (below: photos from last year’s Mass, and the veneration of the relic.)

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