Friday, August 07, 2015

Dominican Rite Care of the Sick and Dying

Humbert of Romans, Codifier of the Dominican Rite
I am pleased to announce a new offering from Dominican Liturgy Publications: Cura Infirmorum: Care of the Sick in the Dominican Rite.

This book contains the prayers and rituals for care of the sick and dying according to the Dominican Rite, in Latin and English. It includes: Sacramental Absolution, Communion of the Sick as Viaticum, the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, the Apostolic Blessing at Moment of Death, the Commendation of the Dying, and Prayers for a Departed Soul. In an appendix are included: The Dominican form of the Confiteor, the Seven Penitential Psalms, and the Gradual Psalms.

Now Dominican priests can have a handy, attractively printed, ritual for ministry to the sick in the traditional rite.  The book is hardcover and printed with text in black and rubrics in red.  The price is $35.00.  Read more about it here.

I also remind Dominican priest readers about the Sacramental Absolution Wallet Cards for the Dominican Rite, which I recently presented here.

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