Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Corpus Christi 2015 - Third Photopost, from Sacra Liturgia in New York

Once again, we are grateful to Mr Arrys Ortanez for sharing some of his great photographs with us, this time from the celebration of Corpus Christi as part of the recent Sacra Liturgia conference in New York City. The Mass was celebrated by H.E. Joseph Perry, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, with Bishop John O’Hara attending in choir and delivering the sermon. The Blessed Sacrament procession then went from the Church of St Catherine, where the Mass was celebrated, through the streets of New York to the Dominican church of St Vincent Ferrer, concluding with Benediction.

We can only post a small selection of the photos here; do go and check out the rest of them (over 100), which Mr Ortanez has made publicly accessible, as they give a better idea not only of the ceremony itself, but also the large number of clergy and faithful in attendance.

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