Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday Vespers starting soon at the Oratory in Formation in DC

Sunday Vespers starting soon at the Oratory in Formation in DC:

It is a long established custom in Oratorian communities to sing Vespers (Evening Prayer of the Church) on Sundays and major feasts. We have now established that there are sufficient people interested in supporting this project and so we propose to begin Sunday Vespers next month.

Vespers is an entirely sung liturgy, the music of which is Gregorian chant, the ancient musical patrimony of the Church in the West. The chanting of the psalms and their antiphons and the beautiful hymns of the liturgical seasons form a majestic prayer that can be outstandingly beautiful and very prayerful.

As it takes time to learn how to sing Vespers and as we hope you will want to learn how to participate in this ancient form of prayer, we shall gather at 3.30pm to prepare the music and the liturgy will begin at 4pm. The service of vespers is followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament - the whole thing lasting about 45 minutes. We shall begin weekly Sunday Vespers on:

3.30pm Music rehearsal for all participants
4pm Vespers and Benediction

The Oratorian Fathers of the Community of St Philip Neri

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