Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gregorian Chant Course at the Monastery of St Cecilia, Rome

The Cantantibus Organis music school, based at the Monastery of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome, was founded to offer training in ars celebrandi within the monastic setting. The aim is to provide those who hold positions of liturgical responsibility - cantors, choir directors and organists in monasteries, parishes and other places of public worship - with professional training in the teaching and directing of Gregorian chant. Anyone else interested in making liturgical music an important part of his/her spiritual life may apply to attend.

The approach is twofold, combining training in music with spiritual and theological studies. General sessions, in Italian, will be concentrated between Fridays and Monday afternoons. Individual sessions will take place on other days during the week. The programme also offers a few weeks of intensive teaching, such as that for beginners from 25-30 August 2014. On completion of studies a certificate of attendance will be issued.

The next course will open on the first Sunday of Advent, 30 November 2014, extend over the complete liturgical year, and conclude on the solemnity of Christ the King, 22 November 2015. Anyone wishing to become fully proficient on the organ or as a cantor is encouraged to stay for a second year or longer. Instrumental lessons are provided for all levels, from beginner to advanced studies. The Cantantibus Organis course has been fortunate to gain the services of outstanding figures in the contemporary world of music and liturgy. You can download the flyer with more information here.

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