Thursday, July 03, 2014

Chant for the Readings at Dominican Rite Mass Now Available

I am very happy to announce that the long-awaited volume with the music for the readings of the Dominican Rite Masses for all Sundays and major feasts of the year is now available from the Dominican Liturgy Publications Shop or directly from the Project Page. The title of this new volume is Cantus Lectionum Missarum S.O.P. pro Dominicis et Festis Maioribus.

The entire table of contents and a sample of the music (the Epistle of the First Sunday of Advent-- p. 16 of the preview) may be viewed on the Project Page. by pressing the "preview" button. The cover may be viewed at the right. The price of this 757 page hard-back volume is $33.25.

 The volume contains all Masses of the Temporale except the weekdays of Lent, as well as all first class feasts, many second class feasts, and all major Dominican saints.  A supplement includes other useful Masses, including the Nuptial Mass and the Mass of the Holy Spirit. Each reading is set to the traditional chant neumes, not just pointed.

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