Monday, December 02, 2013

Ordination and Mass of Thanksgiving - Fr. David Michael Spencer

Recently, Fr. David Michael Spencer of the Mercederians was ordained to the Order of the priesthood at his home parish. Both Masses were celebrated ad orientem, and Father Spencer's set of vestments that he wore during the Mass of Thankgiving were commissioned for the occasion.

At both Masses, the gregorian propers were sung, and also, at the Mass of Thanksgiving, the Roman Canon was chanted in latin.

Below, we have a selection of the photos from the Ordination and Mass of Thanksgiving.

Mass of Ordination
Lying prostrate during the Litany of the Saints
Handing on of the Chalice

Father Spencer giving one of his first blessings to the Celebrant
Miter and Crosier bearers in front of one of the church's mosaics

Mass of Thanksgiving
The chalice, chalice veil, and pall. Beauty at it's finest!

Fr. Spencer's chasuble

Fr. Spencer and the assisting deacons at the sedilia

The canon, chanted in latin
First blessings following Mass

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