Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Solemn High Mass with the Archbishop of Singapore

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Singapore made history when Archbishop William Goh attended Solemn High Mass last Sunday at the Chapel of St. Joseph's Institute. This is the first time that an Archbishop attended a Traditional Latin Mass since the liturgical reform in 1970. This is a true testament of Summorum Pontificum being embraced by the local church, both by the clergy and laity as part of their regular liturgical celebrations - very much a reflection of His Grace's motto; Unity in Diversity. He also cautioned that unity does not mean uniformity. 
The Mass was attended by a congregation of more than a hundred strong. The celebrant was Fr. Augustine Tay, assisted by Fr. Cary Chan as Deacon and Mr. Michael Feng as straw-subdeacon. It was Fr. Chan's first time celebrating a Traditional Latin Mass. He had about less than one week's training. The vestments worn were sewn by the Koh sisters of Singapore.
In his homily, His Grace highlighted that the Traditional Latin Mass is not a bad thing as some people would have others believed, since this Mass ( the only form before the existence of the new mass in 1970) was celebrated by all catholics for the pass many centuries. He also emphasized that the Mass should be an encounter with Jesus, and that the fruit of the Mass, in either forms, is Charity. 
After the Mass, Archbishop William Goh officially announced that Fr. Augustine Tay is made the Chaplain for the Traditional Latin Mass community in Singapore. Among present was Fr. Ignatius Yeo, assistant and secretary to Archbishop Goh. It was Fr. Yeo's first attendance to a Traditional Latin Mass. 
Una Voce West Malaysia's fellow co-founder and representative to the auspicious event had an opportunity to speak to His Grace on a casual basis after Mass to thank him for his generosity and his openness toward the Traditional Latin Mass and for attending the Mass in choir. We have asked the Archbishop for prayers for our community here in Malaysia.

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