Saturday, September 14, 2013

Exhibition of Litany of Loreto Embroideries at Hampton Court in London

Anne Gomes, a New Liturgical Movement reader brought to my attention an exhibition put on by the Royal College of Needlework of fine turn of the century embroidery of vestments which is taking place at Hampton Court. She tells me that 'the set of 12 is on display right now. They look to me to be turn of 20th century in Art Nouveau style. Using a very limited color palette, they are hand embroidered on silk in silk and gold threads. No one is sure of the makers but at one time they belonged to the Convent of the Holy Child which gave them to the Royal College of Needlework when it closed.' Those interested in reading more can follow the link here. I am no expert in the technique of embroidery but looking at the photographs to me the quality of work on display looks very high. Certainly quality of draughtsmanship is in the design is high.

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