Friday, January 18, 2013

More on Cardinal Cañizares

Zenit has a little more on Cardinal Cañizares' recent comments around the liturgy, which we mentioned here yesterday, in this article: Vatican Preparing a Manual to Help Priests Celebrate Mass.

Here is a short excerpt:

The cardinal criticized the effort to make the Mass "entertaining" with certain songs -- instead of focusing on the mystery -- in an attempt to overcome "boredom" by transforming the Mass into a show.

He added that the Council did not speak of the priest celebrating Mass facing the people, that it stressed the importance of Christ on the altar, reflected in Benedict XVI's celebration of the Mass in the Sistine Chapel facing the altar. This does not exclude the priest facing the people, in particular during the reading of the word of God. He stressed the need of the notion of mystery, and particulars such as the altar facing East and the fact that the sacrificial sense of the Eucharist must not be lost.

Go over to Zenit to read the whole article which is fairly lengthy.

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