Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Introducing a New NLM Series: Compendium of the 1961 Revisions of the Pontificale Romanum

I am pleased to be able to introduce our readers to a new series which we will be starting this Friday under the authorship of Gregory DiPippo. Those of you who have been reading NLM for a few years now will already be familiar with Gregory's series on the reforms around Holy Week, "Compendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII", as well as his series on the reforms made to the Roman Breviary, "Compendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961" -- not to mention his many other pieces.

Now we are pleased to be able to present a series which will study the reform made to the Pontificale Romanum: Compendium of the 1961 Revisions of the Pontificale Romanum.

Series Abstract:

This series of articles will describe the changes made in 1961 to the second part of the Pontificale Romanum, the section which contains the rituals for the consecration of a church, and the blessings of the various parts and furnishings thereof. Each article will begin with a complete description of the ceremony as it appears in the 1598 Pontificale Romanum of Pope Clement VIII, followed by a description of the revised version of the ceremony promulgated by Pope John XXIII. As with our NLM series on the 1955 Holy Week and the Breviary, several of these articles will be published in two parts; the extremely long ceremony for the consecration of a church will be divided into at least six parts. Mention will also be made of a series of blessings which were not revised, but simply suppressed. The series will begin on Friday with an introductory article, giving a brief outline of the history and content of the Pontificale, and a more complete explanation of the series as a whole.

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