Tuesday, January 17, 2012

St. Cecilia in Stained Glass

For those of you curious as to what Matthew Alderman has been up to in the real world, you may be interested to hear of my recent collaboration with Lightworks Stained Glass of Lancashire, England. Founder Daniel Burke writes:

By pure chance, we recently came across the beautiful work of the American liturgical illustrator and designer Matthew Alderman and it immediately struck us how perfectly suited his illustrations would be as cartoons from which to produce stained glass. Having made contact with the [...] artist, who admitted to being greatly inspired by renowned Irish stained glass artist Harry Clarke, Matthew was extremely excited at the prospect of seeing one of his original works physically transformed into stained glass and immediately gave his permission for us to begin work on a producing a sample panel.

The result which can be seen on the right is taken from Matthew’s original illustration entitled St. Cecilia.


Having completed this initial sample, we are now jointly promoting the work with a view to securing future stained glass commissions in both the UK and USA. Such commissions, having been designed by Matthew and produced by Lightworks, will proudly bare the makers mark “MAS – LSG”.

I cannot stress just how happy I am with the result. Lightworks does exemplary work, and I am extremely impressed at how they took my tiny sketch and transformed it into a vibrant rainbow of color. I very much look forward to future trans-Atlantic ventures with the talented craftsmen of Lightworks.

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