Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Monk of Le Barroux on the Monastic Vocation

While this video is not specifically about the sacred liturgy, insofar as the monastic vocation revolves around the sacred liturgy of the Church, which is to say Mass and the Divine Office, it is certainly pertinent to the purposes of a new liturgical movement.

We now sit in the early days of winter, and while it might not seem so now, it will not be that long before spring is upon us, and it is around that time of the year, and summer, that many people begin to think about going on spiritual retreat. Too often these thoughts come in the moment and it becomes difficult to plan, easy to compromise or, worse yet, skip altogether. So then, might I encourage each of you to consider, now, planning for a retreat at a monastery this year coming?

Whether you are going there to discern a vocation, or whether you are simply going on retreat, a monastic retreat is a life-changing experience.

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