Sunday, January 08, 2012

A New Una Voce Chapter for Southern Ontario Residents

For those in the southern Ontario, Canada region, an Una Voce London chapter has been newly formed to promote the advancement and wider use of the usus antiquior in that region.

The newly begun Una Voce London chapter is looking for local members who are interested in its objectives. It is also looking to be of assistance to clergy and seminarians in the area who are interested in the EF, and it seeks to help families, young adults and laity in general to live a liturgical life in accordance with the riches of our Roman liturgical patrimony.

Here is the information for the chapter:


(Incidentally, for any others who are starting regional initiatives focused around the usus antiquior, the reform of the reform, or the sacred liturgy and liturgical arts in some capacity, please do make certain to tell NLM about it. Groups such as these form an important grassroots foundation for a new liturgical movement.)

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