Saturday, September 18, 2010

Video of Papal Mass in Westminster Cathedral

The following videos present the video footage of the sacred liturgy celebrated this morning in Westminster Cathedral, London. We shall endeavour to present more footage as it becomes available. As you will see and hear, a great deal of Latin chant and polyphony was present in this Mass -- a wonderful thing.

I think it must be said again, while there is clearly a place for hymns in our tradition, at the same time, what a momentous liturgical impact and appropriate liturgical spirit is set by use of the chanted propers of the Mass.

The Mass in its entirety may be watched by way of this Vatican television feed recording (and now also available on, but here too are some videos that have been made available on Youtube.

The Procession and Introit

Gradual/Alleluia Chant, Gospel and Homily

Homily and Creed (Credo III)

Prayers of the Faithful and Offertory

Canon Missae (in Latin)

The Communion

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