Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Time for a blog "examination of conscience"...

I just want to make a little pause in our discussions to remind everyone of the tone I think we need to take, whether it be myself in writing a piece, or people in commenting on news stories, etc.

Let's make certain that any criticism we make is of a dispassionate variety. Let's avoid being overly sarcastic, or parodying names or describing things in a way which is solely mean to be polemical or negative.

While I can relate to the frustration that is the root of this, I think we need to be careful here to not lose sight of charity and respect, as well as to approach those whom we disagree with with a certain, academic coolness.

For example, let us express our concern with, even question, the principles which are coming out from the American Bishops with regards translation of the liturgy, but let us not devolve into polemics, bitterness, etc. Let us critique by means of good and principled argumentation.

Let us analyze and express concern with certain modern liturgical trends, music, etc. but without making fun of these things. Let us propose alternatives as well.

A fundamental part of the new liturgical movement is both looking critically, with honesty and yet with charity at problems we see, and also at building up those things of our tradition which need to be re-built.

We must have not only charity, but also patience and respect in these matters if we are to serve "the cause". Not doing so can drive people away, or at least not incline them to listen as readily.

Overall I think we are fairly successful at doing this, but I think we all (myself included) need reminders of this from time to time.

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