Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Way of the Pilgrim, Russian Liturgy

As the glory and beauty of traditional liturgy and liturgical practices are best seen visually oft times, and as recently I've been sharing with people the beauty of the Christian East, I wanted to share a favourite picture of mine. It is of a Russian monastic procession in Pskov:

When I see this picture, taken in what seems to be the Russian countryside, with the snowfall glazing the trees, I can't but help think of the humble pilgrim in the Way of the Pilgrim, wandering Russia seeking out the meaning of St. Paul when he says we are to pray without ceasing. This humble pilgrim wanders with dried bread in his backpack, a copy of the Holy Scriptures and the Philokalia, the great treasury of Eastern monastic spirituality with the words of the Jesus Prayer always on his lips.

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