Saturday, October 29, 2005

Publish in Sacred Music

Sacred Music, the quarterly journal of the Church Music Association of America, now under the editorship of William Mahrt of Stanford University, is accepting article submissions.

The new editors are particularly interested in editorials on current topics in Catholic church music, analysis of current or historical documents, reports on parish life as it impacts pastoral liturgy, practical guidance on the restoration of sacred music, scholarly research concerning Gregorian chant and classical polyphony, reports of concerts, reviews of new and older works, news reports, and letters to the editor. Send to the managing editor (Jeffrey Tucker) at (format: .doc, single spaced, embedded footnotes).

The editors are excited about the prospects of Sacred Music in our time, and hope that the journal will continue to provide leadership, scholarship, and inspiration for a new generation. For more information, see the site of the CMAA.

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