Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Colorado Sacred Music Conference, August 7-8

This year’s Sacred Music Conference in Colorado promises to be an excellent one, and we are very glad to share the following information from the organizer, Diana Corliss. The conference will take place on August 7 and 8 at the church of St Mark, located at 9905 Foothill Canyons Blvd in Highlands Ranch.

How far can you take your parish’s music program?

Building on the success of last year’s conference, we will continue exploring ways to build a successful music program grounded in the truth and beauty of the Catholic tradition. This year, we are excited to welcome acclaimed composer Kevin Allen, who will share with us his philosophy on sacred music in the Church. Kevin will focus his discussion on sacred polyphony—why it’s uniquely suited to the liturgy, and how we can incorporate it into our own music programs. Highlights:
  • Sacred Polyphony: Learn the role of polyphony in the treasury of the Church's sacred music, how to sing it effectively, and how to (gradually) incorporate into your music program.
  • Two beautiful sung Masses that include practical resources for English Propers and chanting the Mass Ordinary.
  • Practical instruction on rehearsal techniques, improving the sound of your choir, tips for music programming based on your singers and faithfulness to the Church.
  • Breakout Sessions: Kevin Allen will offer two sessions on composition, and our organists will offer two organ sessions (beginner and advanced).
  • Expanded Clergy Track: A special track for clergy will include instruction in singing the Mass dialogues, how to introduce better music to your parish, and building strong relationships between pastors and musicians.
  • A valuable panel discussion that will include faculty and clergy to answer relevant questions of participants.

    Learn more and register here.

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