Thursday, February 09, 2023

A Visit to the Monastery of Camaldoli

As a follow-up to my recent article on the feast of St Romuald, here are some photos taken by Nicola de’ Grandi during a visit to the Monastery and Hermitage of Camaldoli, the mother house of the Saint’s order, just under 30 miles to the east of Florence.

The church of the hermitage.
Part of the screen which divides the monks’ choir, the bulk of the church, from the rest of it.
Internal view of the choir.
A side chapel.
A view of the forests which surround the monastery.
The entrance to the hermitage.
St Romuald’s cell.
The hermitages of the monks, seen through the gate that divides this part of the complex from the rest.
The entrance to the cloister.
The monastery church

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