Thursday, January 05, 2023

Photopost Request: Epiphany 2023

We will finish our Christmas photopost series later today; in the meantime, get your cameras ready for the next series, pictures of liturgies celebrated on the Epiphany, whether in the OF or the EF, or any of the Eastern Rites, Ordinariate Use, etc. Please send them to, and don’t forget to include the name of the church and its location, along with any other information you think worth noting. As always, we will be very glad to include other liturgical ceremonies besides Mass, such as the Proclamation of the Movable Feasts, the blessing of the waters, of chalk etc. Evangelize through beauty!

From last year’s Epiphany photopost: the blessing of the water at the ICRSP’s Oratory of St Mary in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Mass at the church of the Sacred Heart in Tolentino, Italy.
The Asperges on the feast of the Holy Family at the church of the Savior in Toledo, Spain. 

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