Thursday, January 14, 2021

Christmas and Epiphany Photopost 2020 (Part 2)

Our second Christmas and Epiphany photopost takes us to several different places, and offers us some of the OF, the EF, the Carmelite Use and Byzantine Rite. As always, thanks to everyone who sent these in, with out best wishes to you for a most blessed New Year.

St Joseph’s – Troy, New York (Carmelites of the Old Observance)
Carmelite Missa cantata on the feast of Pope St Silvester I was followed by four hours of Adoration, and then Benediction at Midnight for the beginning of the New Year.
Mass on the feast of the Circumcision, which is celebrated in red in the Carmelite Use.
St Catherine of Siena  – Trumbull, Connecticut
Mass of the Epiphany, with the blessing of chalk and the marking of the doors with 20+C+M+B+21
St Basil the Great Byzantine Catholic Church – Los Gatos, California
The Great Blessing of the Waters; the reading of the Gospel, Mark 1, 9-11
The Great Litany
Immersion of the triple candlstick, representing the Trinity, in the water; the tropar for the Theophany begins with the words “When you baptized in the Jordan, o Lord, the worship of the Trinity was revealed.”
Breathing on the water in the form of a cross.
Immersing the cross in the water.
Sprinkling the water on the faithful
Christ the King  – Kansas City, Missouri
Midnight Mass of Christmas
Tradition will always be for the young!
From one of our most regular photopost contributors, João Victor Melo, pictures of a few different liturgies in the city of São João del Rei in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, (about 140 miles to the north-west of Rio de Janeiro.)
Midnight Mass of Christmas in the church of Our Lady of the Rosary
Unveiling the statue of Baby Jesus at the Gloria
and at the parish church of the cathedral basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar
Mass and Te Deum on the last day of the year at the same parish church.
and Mass of the Epiphany at the church of the Rosary.
Blessing of incense
Church of St Charles – Prague, Czech Republic
Mass of the Sunday within the octave of Christmas on Dec. 27
St Martin of Tour – Louisville, Kentucky
Before the Dawn Mass of Christmas
Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa – Santa Rosa, California
Photos of amice designs by the sister sacristan, sent in by their chaplain, Fr Jeffrey Keyes.
A martyr’s palm branch and miter for St Thomas of Canterbury
The Child Jesus in the Manger for the octave of Christmas
A star on Epiphany
Church of the Holy Name of Mary – Novi Sad, Serbia

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