Wednesday, January 09, 2019

A First Look at the New Brébeuf Hymnal

The Brébeuf Hymnal, officially released at the end of 2018, has started to appear in mailboxes! This elegant hardcover pew edition is 932 pages, and contains more Catholic metrical hymns than any other collection. (The focus was not plainsong settings, since these are to be had in abundance in the Liber Usualis, Cantus Selecti, Liber Hymnarius, etc.) The hymns are primarily in English, but Latin versions are also provided, accompanied by literal translations. Drawing from the authentic Catholic treasury, it neither mimics nor builds upon Protestant hymnals. The Brébeuf Hymnal was created by and for choirmasters and priests working in real parishes across the globe; its melodies are beautiful and dignified, but usually very simple. Modern settings are also included, by such composers as Flor Peeters, Alfred Calabrese, Peter LeJeune, Richard Clark, and Kevin Allen. For more information, see

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