Friday, October 12, 2018

Liturgical Books for Sale: Update

Fr Thomas Simons of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Comstock Park, Michigan, has asked me to post this list of liturgical books which he has for sale, hoping to find them good homes where they will be used and studied. The proceeds from the sale of these titles will go to benefit the parish school; you can contact him directly for more information about the books, and arrangements for purchase, shipping and handling at the following email address: Only U.S. orders can be handled; postage will vary depending on the number of books purchased.

UPDATE ON OCTOBER 12: Of the titles listed below, only 5 and A are still available. I have removed the titles already sold. Another list of titles which Fr Simons has available will be published very shortly.

5.  Ordo Hebdomadae Sanctae Instauratus, Mame Publisher (Printed in France), 1956, 126 pages, embossed, red edges, ribbon, good condition, $175.

A. The Roman Missal in Latin and English for Masses for Holy Week and Easter, Collegeville, The Liturgical Press, 1966, 268 pages, red leatherette binding, gold stamped, 3 ribbons, excellent condition, $75.

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