Saturday, September 08, 2018

The Nativity of the Virgin Mary 2018

Today the Blessed Virgin Mary was born of the lineage of David, * through whom the salvation of the world hath appeared to those who believe, whose glorious life hath given light to the world. V. Let us celebrate with rejoicing the birthday of Blessed Mary the Virgin. Through whom... (The first responsory of Matins.)

The Birth of the Virgin Mary, by Paolo Uccello, ca. 1435; in the cathedral of Prato, Italy.
R. Hodie nata est beáta Virgo María ex progenie David; * Per quam salus mundi credéntibus appáruit, cujus vita gloriósa lucem dedit sáeculo. V. Nativitátem beátae Maríae Vírginis cum gaudio celebrémus. Per quam...

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