Sunday, September 03, 2017

Relics of Pope St Pius X

Today is the EF feast day of Pope St Pius X, who died on August 20, the feast of St Bernard of Clairvaux, in 1914. When he was canonized in 1954, his feast was assigned to September 3rd, the first free day in the calendar after the day of his death; the reshuffling of several Saints in the post-Conciliar reform permitted him to be reassigned to August 21st in the new rite.

Fr Adrian Hilton of the newly established Cincinnati Oratory was kind enough to send in several photos of relics of Pope St Pius X from his private collection, which will be donated to the Oratory. (We previously showed a relic of St Camillus de Lellis from his collection.)

A zucchetto worn by the Pope on the feast of Ss Peter and Paul, with its original authenticate card, and a charming letter written by the private chamberlain who obtained it.

Portions of the Pope’s clothing items: buttons and a full sleeve from his cassock, and a piece of a red cloak.

A papal blessing in a nice presentation frame.
A formal letter issued while Pope to Canon Joseph Lemann, the director of a house which cared for blind girls, in which he expresses gratitude for a gift which they had made and sent to him.

A calling card from his days as Patriarch of Venice.

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