Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Summer 2017 Issue of Sacred Music

The summer issue of Sacred Music (vol. 144, number 2) will soon be appearing in mailboxes around the world. We are happy to publish in this issue and a few upcoming issues a number of addresses from a recent conference, as well as an excellent editorial by our editor, Dr. William Mahrt.

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Summer - Volume 144, Number 2

Table of Contents

Ministry | William Mahrt

Sacred Music Renewal Fifty Years after Musicam Sacram | Jennifer Donelson
A Pastoral Plan for Sacred Music | Rev. Jon Tveit
Is Beauty Subjective? | Rev. David Friel
A Sense of Solemnity in the Sacred Liturgy as a means of Catechesis and Evangelization | James Monti

Sacred Treasure by Joseph Swain | Trent Beattie


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