Sunday, June 26, 2016

NLM at Sacred Music Colloquium XXVI

As has been true of each Colloquium in past years, the Sacred Music Colloquium XXVI in St. Louis, which concluded today, was uplifting in its liturgies, abundant in musical glories, and rich in friendships. Next year's Colloquium, in St. Paul, Minnesota, promises to be a worthy successor.

Seven members of the New Liturgical Movement site participated this year: Charles Cole, William Riccio, Fr. Robert Pasley, Peter Kwasniewski, Jennifer Donelson, William Mahrt, and Joel Morehouse. (The last two were not available for the photo.) We are standing here before the right-hand entrance of the front of the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica -- one of the most magnificent spaces in which I have ever had the privilege to sing! The Palestrina Missa Papae Marcelli, with the six seconds of resonance, truly brought us into the precincts of the heavenly Jerusalem.

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