Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From: Fr. Peter Carota - To: All NLM Readers

Some of you may recall a story we published on November 12th, about a priest, Fr. Peter Carota, who has chosen to take a sabbatical to promote the usus antiquior. Since publishing that story, Fr. Carota has contacted us and I consequently invited him to address all of you, the NLM readership, about his project.

From Father Carota:

Dear readers of the New Liturgical Movement,

On Tuesday, November 13, this website posted an article about a new stage in my priestly mission: to discern God’s will in promoting the Latin Mass.

Would you help me in my discernment and mission?

First, I ask for your prayers. Work of this magnitude can only happen with God’s grace.

Second, do you know of any priests with similar aspirations to promote the Latin Mass and are open to forming a missionary order of priests for that purpose? While acknowledging the many priests and a number of priestly societies dedicated to the extraordinary form of the Mass, I envision a distinct MISSIONARY CHARISM that helps the faithful understand, experience, and participate in the sacredness and spiritual richness of the Roman Rite’s liturgical heritage.

Third, do you know of any supportive bishops who could a place and spiritual guidance for this new endeavor?

The spiritual treasures of the Latin Mass has formed many countless in the Church’s history. It would be a great service to the Church for Catholics today and future generations drink from this spiritual fount.

Thank you for your consideration and prayers. May God bless you all.

Respectfully yours in Christ,

Fr. Peter Carota

Email: fc@immaculateheart.zzn.com

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