Friday, June 01, 2012

Western Iconography: Work by Students of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about an education that transmits to young people the sensibilities of a Catholic culture and suggested that we some might try to focus on illuminations from Western psalters. In this I mentioned that I had tried out using with the students at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts with what I felt were good results. Here is some of their work. The medium used is egg tempera on good quality watercolour paper.

They are in the order they appear: St Christopher by Nicole Martin; St Jerome by Ian Kosko; St Maurice by Amy Green; and Daniel in the Lion's Den by Alison Trapp. Of these students one has had some experience of academic art classes and arrived with some skill with brush and pencil. The others, as far as I am aware are largely untrained prior to the class.

This is just the sort of work that students who attend the iconography class at the Way of Beauty Atelier, this summer can expect to be doing if they wish to.

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