Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Altar Cards for Other Western Uses

One of the practical advantages which the era of modern desktop publishing and printing brings is that what would once have been nearly out of reach is now much more readily attainable and available -- not to mention economical.

What I am thinking of here is that, previously, it would be very difficult to come across liturgical resources like altar cards for liturgical uses outside the traditional Roman rite. Fortunately, however, modern printing technology has bridged that gap, making it quite a bit more easy to either purchase these items, or to commission them.

Myriad Creative Concepts has been doing just that sort of work -- including altar cards for the Ordinary Form of the Roman rite. Here, for example, are two sets of altar cards, the first for the Carmelite rite, the second for the Dominican rite:

It is my feeling that this sort of enterprise helps to contribute to the revival of these Western liturgical uses insofar as having available liturgical resources is one important step toward encouraging their re-adoption.

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