Thursday, June 07, 2012

Two Bits of News

Just a couple of quick tidbits of news I wished to share.

The first is the fact that Rev. John Hunwicke, who will of course be familiar to many of our readers as the erudite and scholarly blogger at "Liturgical Notes", formerly of the Anglican communion and now part of the Ordinariate, is due to be ordained to the Catholic priesthood this Wednesday June 27, at 7.00pm in the Oxford Oratory.

(Thanks to Fr. Ray Blake for the tip off here.)

Heartfelt NLM congratulations to him.

The second bit of news, or really more of an update, pertains to the FSSP in Ottawa, Canada. As we have noted on here on a couple of occasions, the decision had been made by that parish to re-locate from their present, relatively modern church building to the historic parish church of St. Anne's. The process of moving into their new church has now begun, as evidenced in part by the erection of new signage on the historic grounds:

Our congratulations go out to them as well as they take possession of their beautiful new ecclesial home.

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