Saturday, February 25, 2006


Hi guys. I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm looking for two things and if anyone has a these, please contact me by email.

1) A copy of Byzantine Daily Worship -- I'm looking for a used or new copy for a reasonable price/trade. My preference would be for a possible trade.

2) I'm also trying to get my hands on a black cassock and white surplice. It is for myself for serving at the Tridentine liturgy. I need something that fits someone with broad shoulders and is probably around a size 59 or 61 (i.e. for a 5 foot 11.5" high). As for the surplice, my preference would be for a longer surplice that comes down to around one's knees or a little higher, and preferably with no lace and square style neck. Picky I know. If anyone has such a thing, an extra perhaps, or something at their parish which is no longer used, please let me know as I'm trying to take up serving for the Tridentine liturgy and basically am in need of my own cassock and surplice.

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