Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Roman Pilgrims at the Station Churches 2024 (Part 2)

We continue with our annual series of photos of the Lenten station churches in Rome, thanks to our friends Agnese, Jacob, and Fr Joseph. Every year, at least one station gets omitted due to something Roman happening; this post does not include the station of Ember Friday, since there was a major strike going on that day. Don’t forget to visit Jacob’s YouTube channel Crux Stationalis, and enjoy his visits to the Eternal City’s many other important religious sites. Gratias vobis, cari amici!

Tuesday of the First Week of Lent – St Anastasia
The statue of St Anastasia in the niche in front of the high altar was planned by a sculptor called Francesco Aprile, in imitation of a similar statue of St Cecilia by Stefano Maderno, and Bernini’s Blessed Ludovica Albertoni. Aprile died in 1684 at the age of 30, and the work was executed by Ercole Ferrata, who was already in his 70s, and died very shortly after completing it.
Photos by Fr Joseph: the stem of the Portuguese cardinal Nuno da Cunha e Ataíde, who commissioned a significant restoration of the church in the early 18th century.

An inlaid marble plaque in the floor commemorates another, more recent restoration, done under James McIntyre, archbishop of Los Angeles from 1948-70, who was made cardinal of this church in 1953.
The Martyrdom of St Anastasia, depicted in the ceiling by Michelangelo Cerruti, 1722.
The stem of Pope Bl. Pius IX, in whose reign yet another restoration of the church was done.
Ember Wednesday in the First Week of Lent – St Mary Major
The high altar decorated with relics. (First two photos by Jacob) 
Procession with a relic of the true Cross.
Two more photos by Jacob
Thursday of the First Week of Lent – San Lorenzo in Panisperna
The entrance to the crypt, on the site where St Lawrence was martyred.
The Mass on this day was of the feast of St Peter’s Chair, hence the white vestments of the clergy.
Ember Friday of the First Week of Lent – Twelve Apostles
Ember Saturday of the First Week of Lent – St Peter’s Basilica
Since the baldachin over the high altar is getting a major cleaning in preparation for the Jubilee next year, the church did not have the display of major relics that is normally done on station days.
Exposition of the relic of the lance of St Longinus that pierced Our Lord’s side. Jacob has an article about this on the website of EWTN:

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