Thursday, May 04, 2023

“Why Should Pope Francis and the FBI Care about the Latin Mass?” — Lecture with Q&A

In a memo subsequently officially disowned, the Federal Bureau of Investigation identified Traditional Latin Mass-going Catholics as potential domestic terrorists. Curiously, Pope Francis seems to agree to some extent with the FBI, for he has targeted Latin Mass Catholics — a minority of the faithful who worship in a sacred form handed down for centuries — as ecclesiastical terrorists, so to speak: they are upsetting the peace and order of the post-Vatican II Church.

Why should the FBI care? What, especially, is the pope’s beef with the Latin Mass? Why can’t he leave law-abiding, God-fearing, tradition-loving Catholics alone?

I gave the following lecture in Mt Pleasant (near Charleston), South Carolina, on April 20.

Part 1: The Lecture

Part 2: "Coda" to the lecture and the Q&A

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