Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Renovation of Kalamazoo Cathedral by Duncan Stroik

On Gaudete Sunday, His Excellency Paul Bradley, Bishop of Kalamazoo, Michigan, celebrated the Mass for the re-dedication of the cathedral of St Augustine, in which architect Duncan Stroik has just completely the first phase of a major renovation. Bp Earl Boyea of Lansing, Abp Allen Vigneron of Detroit, and two Detroit auxiliary bishops were also present for the ceremony. (All photos courtesy of these are by Duncan G. Stroik Architect.)
The main sanctuary after the new restoration...
...and before.
The church was built as a parish of the diocese of Grand Rapids by the office of Ralph Adams Cram and completed in 1951; when Kalamazoo became a diocese in 1971, St Augustine was chosen as its cathedral. A renovation in 1989 altered the sanctuary and dismantled the high altar, using pieces of its broccatello marble as a backdrop for the cathedra (on the center axis of the sanctuary), and as a pedestal for the tabernacle, which was moved to a side chapel. This most recent renovation, initiated by Bishop Bradley and Monsignor Michael Osborn, Vicar General of the Diocese, has restored the tabernacle to the center of the sanctuary, and aimed to make St Augustine a worthy cathedral. Major plaster repair was also addressed, including completely rebuilding the framing, lath, and plaster of the back wall of the sanctuary. Pieces of the original high altar were put back into place, and a new baldacchino, altar of sacrifice, ambo, cathedra, and sanctuary floor were installed. Side altars with Mary and St. Joseph were also restored. A new decorative paint pattern on the sanctuary walls and ceiling and new pews in the nave complete the first phase. Here are several photos of the rededication ceremony, and below, details of the newly renovated parts of the church.
The relic stone is place in the altar.
The mensa is anointed with chrism.
The anointing of the walls
Incense is burnt at the four corners of the altar.
The candles are lit.
The Eucharistic prayer
The new sanctuary lamp is lit for the first time.
Bihsop Bradley at the ambo...
...and cathedra.
The pulpit
The baldachin over the high altar.
The cathedra
The high altar
An inlaid marble medallion with the coat of arms of the parish; the words “Tolle, lege – take, read” are from the story of St Augustine’s conversion as narrated in the Confessions, as are the words around it, one of the Saint’s more famous dicta.

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