Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Chant Propers for the Feast of St Elijah the Prophet

This post has now been completely changed, since it turns out that someone had already sent the chant propers for the feast of the Prophet Elijah to Peter, who was contacted by a reader looking for them for a Mass to be celebrated on the upcoming feast day, July 20th. Some of our readers may find them interesting, so I am adding them to this post; we also include the chant propers for the same feast according to the ancient Carmelite Use, which differ from those sung by the Discalced. A 1959 edition of the propers of the Discalced Carmelites can be consulted here.

The text of the Mass from a Roman Missal with the proper feasts of the Discalced Carmelites.
The chant propers for the feast of St Elijah in the Carmelite Use. (Sorry that the scan is a little wonky.)

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