Friday, October 28, 2016

Conference on Beauty at Notre Dame, with Roger Scruton, Timothy Verdon, Alasdair MacIntyre.

The Fall Conference of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, called You Are Beauty, will be held from November 10-12. To register and for more details go here.

There is a long list of high-profile invited speakers, including my new favorite on the subject of beauty and culture (and a few other things besides!), Sir Roger Scruton, along with Mgr Timothy Verdon, Alasdair MacIntyre, Mary Ann Glendon, Elizabeth Lev, Dony McManus, and Etsuro Sotoo, sculptor of the Nativity Façade of the Sagrada Família Basilica, Barcelona, Spain.

I will be attending, and am speaking at one of the panel sessions on the Saturday morning, so perhaps we’ll see some of you there!

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