Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Personal Note of Thanks

I recently attended the ninth edition of the Fota International Liturgical Conference in Cork, Ireland, which is organized each year by the St Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy. The theme of the conference this year was Liturgy and Scripture, and the paper I delivered was about the relationship between the Ambrosian Rite (which our regular readers know is one of my favorite topics) and the post-Conciliar reform of the Roman lectionary. I will post a full account of the conference soon; suffice it to say here that all of the papers were very interesting, and I was quite sorry to be unable to stay for the final day.

While I was at the conference, many people were kind enough to express to me their appreciation of what we do here NLM, and on behalf of our publisher, Dr William Mahrt (who also gave a paper at the conference), and all of our writers, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their very kind words of praise and support; in particular, His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke, His Excellency Bishop Peter Elliot, and Monsignor James O’Brien, who invited me as a speaker.

The music for the liturgical events was provided by the marvelous Lassus Scholars, directed by Dr Ita O’Donovan, who excel in both chant and polyphony; on Saturday, July 8, Cardinal Burke celebrated Pontifical Vespers, and the next day, Pontifical Mass. Enjoy these excellent performances of the first Psalm of Saturday Vespers (the first part of Psalm 143), the Magnificat Septimi Toni by Orlando di Lassus, and the Kyrie and Gloria from Palestrina’s Missa Papee Marcelli.

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